Air Conditioner at Walmart Collections and Prices

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Air conditioner at Walmart is so easy to find. It is because Walmart provides a lot of product that we can choose based on our needs. For the air conditioner units, there are several types which are available there such as the portable air conditioner, windows air conditioner and the through the wall air conditioner. Below is the further information of getting or purchasing the air conditioner from Walmart.

How to find the air conditioner at Walmart

It is so easy to find the air conditioner at Walmart collections. You just need to visit their official website at After that, you can choose the “Home improvement” option > heating, cooling and air quality > Air conditioners. Then, plenty brands of the air conditioner units will be shown. To find the air conditioner product at Walmart quicker, you can type the “air conditioner” at the searching bar that is located at the middle top of the page. There will be also the information and simple overview about types of air conditioner that you can choose to make sure that you will get the right air conditioner types for your room.

Special Tag for the Air Conditioner at Walmart

After you find the air conditioner products with the guides above, it can be seen that several products of the air conditioners will be shown. In some of the products, there will be the special tag that shows the offer or the condition of that air conditioner. The tags that can be found on the air conditioner at Walmart are like the Best Seller, Rollback, Reduced Price and New. Those can be the great guides to find the right air conditioner units with the right prices as well.

The Air Conditioner at Walmart: Brands and Prices

Walmart is maybe one of the best stores, included finding any types of air conditioner units. Why? It is because you will be able various brands that are available there. Those air conditioner brands are like the Haier, LG, Costway, Arctic King, General Electric, Frigidaire and many more again. The price for the air conditioner at Walmart is also varied based on various things such as the types of air conditioner, size, BTU Range and also based on the features. What is cool about purchasing an item from Walmart is that you can get the air conditioner with wide price range option, from the cheapest up to the most expensive one.
The window air conditioner at Walmart can be sold with the price around $157 up to more than $180. Meanwhile, the portable air conditioner unit usually has the more expensive price from $219 up to $600 or maybe more than that. In addition, the ‘Through the wall’ air conditioner unit is offered with the price around $199 up to more than $1009. This through the wall air conditioner at Walmart is the most expensive types of AC unit because it can cool the larger space and usually, it also has the bigger size as well.

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