Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Trap: Why it is important?

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Air conditioner condensate drain trap is a unit on the air conditioner that has a function of preventing the air from moving in or moving out of the air handler or coil box during the operation. That is why; that trap has to be installed properly in order to stop the air from passing through. However, it will still allow the condensate for draining from the pan of the condensate.
The condensate drain trap is an essential part on the air conditioner. Below, we will give you more information about this Air conditioner condensate drain trap to make you are clearly understand it.

The Function of Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Trap

The trap that is located in the condensate train will prevent the unit from any sucking air. It can also prevent the blowing air into the drain line. That is why; we can say that without the Air conditioner condensate trap, the condensate can be not drain until the blower is turned off. That thing can trigger the pan overflowing and you cannot remove that.
Usually, there is the option of the secondary drain as well for certain situations especially when the main drain is blocked or it is insufficient. The secondary unit can be used on certain condition and it is also depended on the air conditioner unit or it may be cannot be used on every air conditioner.

How to install the Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Trap

Installing the drain trap properly is really important in order to prevent some conditions such as the water up from the condensate pan. That condition can cause the further bad effects such as the insulating liner materials and the other components that are located nearby will become wet. The other problem is that the microbes that may grow on the insulation. The multiply microbes can grow the spores into the airstream and it can cause the health risks as well.
Actually, there are some steps that you can do in order to install the air conditioner condensate drain trap properly. It is started from the running trap, trap configuration and many more. You can do the installation by yourself if you had already known about the ways. However, if you don’t know about the installation too much, asking the helps from the professionals are really recommended.
Usually, the drain trap consists of some parts or equipments such as the pipes, sealer and many more again. You can buy the trap in a complete kit and usually it is sold in the electronic stores or you can buy it from the online shops as well. Besides buying the complete kit of the condensate drain trap, you can also buy the separate parts or accessories to make sure that you will find your needed parts instead of buying the complete kit.
Those are the information about the Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Trap that we can share. We hope that you get what you are looking for about the drain trap and can buy and install this trap properly.

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