Air Conditioner Serial Number Search Definition and location

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Serial number in every electronic kind of stuff is important to be known because it can be the clue for us to do the further action such as finding the right part for the related electronic unit. It is included for the air conditioner unit as well. Air conditioner serial number search has to be done to make sure that you know everything about that air conditioner unit. Below, we will talk more about the serial number of the air conditioner unit.

How to do the air conditioner serial number search?

First of all, let us discuss in how to find the air conditioner serial number. Basically, that number can be found on the rating plate of the AC unit or on the other heat pump. Usually, it is found slightly above the refrigerant valves that are located on the back side of that air conditioner unit. However, it cannot be used as the only location to find the air conditioner serial number because sometimes it is based on the brands. That is why; please make sure that you read the guidebook to complete your air conditioner serial number search.

What is the Serial number?

Talking about the air conditioner serial number search is not enough. We have to know about the serial number definition to make sure that we completely know about those kinds of stuff. Actually, the serial number is 10 digit codes that will help us for identifying when the air conditioner product was produced, knowing the model number and also knowing about a lot of sub-components parts that are used on the air conditioner units.

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Air Conditioner Serial Number Search: The possible location to find it out

We already stated above that there are some locations that can be used to write the air conditioner serial number. Those locations are as follows:

  • At the top of the unit in the cool air exhaust port
  • Sometimes it is also located behind the front grill on the frame
  • The serial number can be also located on the side of the unit
  • Below the control panel (grille removed)
  • To the right of the control panel (grille removed)
  • To the left side of the fan opening, on the weather barrier

Those are the ideal location where you can do the air conditioner serial number search. That information can make you are easier to find where the serial number is placed.

How to use the Serial Number?

Actually, for some common people, reading the serial number is difficult because it just looks like a series of number. Actually, it can tell us more information about an air conditioner unit. To know about it you can ask the electronic shop employee or you can use the decode that is now available in some places. Maybe, the right way is by asking the expert about that serial number so that you will get the right information.

We hope the air conditioner serial number search information above is beneficial for you.

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