All You Need to Know about the Portable Air Conditioner for Pop up Camper

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Pop up campers are maybe light and small as well. That is why; the portable air conditioner for pop up camper that is already installed on them is not a common thing. In the other words, we can say that most of the pop up campers come without an air conditioner. If you want to have the cool air for the summer; you have to get and find the best air conditioning unit for your car or for your vehicle.  For this case, the portable air conditioner can be the right choice.

Why the portable air conditioner for pop up camper?

Basically, the portable air conditioner is easy to find. You can get it from some sources or stores such as Walmart and many more. This air conditioner type is also affordable, small in size and easy to install as well. That is why; you can easily bring that portable air conditioner everywhere or move it from one place to the other place easily.

Choosing the suitable portable air conditioner for pop up camper

In fact, most of the air conditioning units for the recreational vehicle or RV will be easily installed or it will be worked efficiently on all models of the pop up campers. Why? It is because they are powerful enough to make the camper cool when the outside temperature is quite hot and when there is no shade for parking your car in.

So far, there are three popular portable air conditioners for pop up camper units that you can find such as the Dometic and Coleman, Jayco and also the Fleetwood. Those manufacturers make the great quality air conditioning products for the pop up campers. You can get them easily from the online shop or maybe from the electronic shops near you.

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To get the proper portable air conditioner for pop up camper, you have to consider about the BTU. BTU is the British Thermal Units and the BTU numbers are varied between 5,000 up to 18,000. The ideal BTU number for the pop up camper is maybe around 15,000. What is the meaning of that number? Actually, that number determines the strength and also the quality of the air conditioner that you use. The higher the BTU number, the stronger the air conditioner is.

In order to choose the right portable air conditioner for pop up camper, you have to consider the size of your pop up camper trailer. For the bigger pop-up camper trailer, you will need the stronger air conditioner units to keep the trailer is cool. How about the price? The price can be affected by the BTU number as well in which the price will rise with the BTU number. It means that the AC unit with more BTU number is usually having the more expensive price.

So, are you ready to pick your portable air conditioner for pop up camper now? Make sure that you purchase the right one to give the comfortable temperature in your recreational vehicle so that you will have the great camping experience.

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