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Box Fan Dollar General Option and Prices

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There are many types of fan that we can see at the present time. One of them is the Box Fan. Box Fan can be a really ideal fan that you need in your property whether it is for your house, office, apartment and many more. If you want to find various kinds of box fans, so maybe the Dollar General is one of the best choices because it provides many kinds of box fan products with various prices as well. Below is the further information that can be your reference.

Box Fan Dollar General: the Options

When you opened their website and search the box fan product, you will get two options. Those products are the True Living Frameless Box fans and the Black & Decker frameless box fans. Both of those Box Fan Dollar General products have the same size (9 inches). Those products are durable 9 in Blade and this box fan is perfect for any rooms such as for your garage, home and office. There are three-speed settings that you can choose based on your needs.
Basically, those box fans products are easy to use and easy to control as well. They can stand by their self and you will also get the 1-year limited warranty for every box fan that you purchase from the Dollar General. Just open their official website and you will get enough information for every box fan that you need.

Box Fan Dollar General: The Price

Both of the box fan dollar general products above have the different price. The True Living Frameless box fan is sold at the price of $12.00. Meanwhile, the Black and Decker 9 inches frameless box fan is sold with the price of $16.00. Which one that suits you the most? Although those products have the different prices the prices are still so affordable for us.

How to find the Box Fan Dollar General on their Website?

We can tell you that it is so simple to find the box fan products on the Dollar General website. First of all, you have to open their official website, the After that, type the box fan at the searching bar that is located in the middle top of that homepage. Then, some lists or options will be shown and you can choose one of the products in which you are interested in.
When you clicked one of the products, the further information will be shown such as the information about the minimum buying amount, shipping, the detail of the products and many more things. If the box fan is not the kind of fan that you need, you can also find any other fan products in the dollar general.
That is the information that we can share with the Box Fan Dollar General. Basically, it is so easy to find and buy the box fan there because you just need to open their website. We hope this information will give enough information about how to purchase a box fan in Dollar General.

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