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Mobile homes also use the windows unit or the central air conditioner. The central Air Conditioner for mobile homes requires the condenser unit that is placed outside the mobile home itself. However, some people are maybe struggling with the ways of installing that air conditioner because you will need certain additional attention for the electricity and also spaces.
Below, we will share some information about how to install the central air conditioner for mobile home easily. Basically, there are 4 easy steps that you can do and follow in order to install the air conditioner properly in your mobile home. So, check this out.
Please ensure that your mobile home furnace is compatible with the air conditioner and please make sure that your mobile home also has the exterior 220-volt power outlet. In addition, the A/C compatible furnace must be also owned the A/C control box, A-Coil and also 2 or three speeds blower motors. Usually, it depends on the model of the furnace that is used.
Mount the A/C control box to the furnace. It can be done if the existing furnace doesn’t have the feature. Then, please wire that control box to the other 2 – 4 wires thermostats. It is referred to the instructions of the installations on the Central air conditioner for mobile home A/C control box and it is varied based on the model.
That control box will add the cool option to the thermostat and it will allow the furnace blower for working without needing to activate the heater.
You can upgrade the blower motor on the furnace to the two or maybe three-speed model if it is necessary. The high-speed blower will distribute the cold air in which it is heavier than the warm air. The existing furnace manual is usually would list the blower motor speeds. In addition, it is referring to the installation instructions for the new blower motor and once again it is also varied by the model.
The next thing that you can do about the central air conditioner for mobile home is installing the A-Coil to your furnace if it is necessary. That a-coil sits on the top of the blower of the furnace or it can be placed on the bottom of your furnace unit. Usually, it depends on the model of the furnace. If space is wide or if it is a concern, you can purchase the add-on cabinet for the A-Coil stuff. You can easily follow the instruction of the installation for this add-on cabinet. Usually, that installation is different and it is varied by the model as well.
Those are 4 simple and easy steps to install the central air conditioner for mobile home. You can do it by yourself easily as long as you follow each of the instructions. However, if you feel that you are struggling enough with the installation, calling the expert can be the right option to do to install the AC properly.

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