Central Air Conditioner Odor: why the air conditioner begins to smell bad?

Central Air Conditioner Odor: How To erase the bad smell

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Central Air Conditioner Odor – bad smell on the air conditioner is for sure such an uncomfortable thing for everyone. That is why; many people always try to treat their air conditioner well. However, how if the bad smell has already happened? Maybe it is the most common question that appears on most of the people in this world. Fortunately, various proven solutions to erase the bad smell of the air conditioner unit are available.

Central Air Conditioner Odor: why the air conditioner begins to smell bad?

Why does the air conditioner unit begin to have the bad smell? The most common reason is that the condensate drain that is clogged. When that condensate drain is clogged, mildew and mold have to be able to grow in the drain pain and also the drain lines. That thing will trigger the smell that will be carried up into the airflow system. It also a sign that the cooling coil of your air conditioner unit is dirty and you have to clean it up.

Central Air Conditioner Odor: The Solutions

There are some solutions that you can try to solve the central air conditioner odor problem. The first thing that you can do is changing your habit. Below are some changes that you can do on your habits in order to prevent the bad smell on your air conditioner unit:

  • It is better to always use the exhaust fans when you are showering and cooking
  • You can start to use the natural cleaners that are not emitting the toxic fumes
  • Clean surfaces, vacuum floors and also walls the linens frequently for removing the contaminants from your house.

The other actions that can be done to stay away from the bad central air conditioner odor are by changing the air filter and use the high-efficiency filter. It is better to start the regular basis of the air filter because it will remove the contaminants from the system. This process will not make the contaminants are re-circulated back into the house. In the other words, I can say that less contamination can make less smell as well.
How much the frequency to change the air filter? Actually, it is based on some factors such as the type of the filters, the pets’ existence at home and many more. If you had already used the standard disposable filter and you smell the bad central air conditioner odor, maybe it is the right time to change the filter into the high-efficiency air filter. That filter is usually equipped with the higher MERV ratings that will be able to remove the smaller contaminants. It means that they can kill more contaminants like mold spores and bacteria.
In order to get the other air freshening advantages, it is also a great idea for adding some essential oil to the air filter. You can choose your favorite fragrance for this case. Those proven solutions above can erase the bad central air conditioner odor that was happened in your house.

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