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Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan: All You Need to Know about the Product

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Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan – Galaxy is a new model from Lasko and basically, it is a box fan that comes with many features. It is a box fan with the ideal size and it can be the right box fan that you are maybe looking for so far. Below we will talk more about this box fan and inform some information about the features, size and etc. So, check this out.

Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan: Why you have to purchase it

Actually, the Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan has three different speeds that can be used based on the users’ needs. In addition, it also has the top mounted controls. It will be easy and comfortable to carry this box fan because it is equipped with the carrying handle which is so easy to use. It means that you can bring this box fan anywhere without any worries. Below is the more detail features that are owned by the Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan:

  • 20 inches blade diameter
  • Three different speeds that are so quiet
  • Top mounted controls
  • Fused safety plugs
  • Save-smart. It less than 2 cents per hour to operate this box fan
  • ETL listed

Those features make the Galaxi box fan from Lasko is a serious deal for your property.

Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan Price

After knowing about the features and details, let us talk about the price. How much will the Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan cost you? Actually, the price can be different and it is based on where you purchased this box fan from. For the example is that from The galaxy model from Walmart is sold at the price of $16.88. So far at Walmart, that box fan is out of stock. That is why; you can get that box fan from another place such as from the local electronic shop in your city or from the other sources such as from the

Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan: Frequently Asked Question

There are some frequently asked questions that are always offered by the customers about this Galaxy by Lasko box fan. The first question is that can the grill be removed for the easy cleaning? The answer is yes. The grill of this box fan can be removed easily to ensure that you will clean this box fan properly. The second question that is usually asked is what do the feet come with the fan? The answer is also yes. The feet of this Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan is usually inserted into the box in which you can install them easily in the box fan. Those feet will make the box fan is being able to stand properly.
Basically, Galaxy by Lasko Box Fan is one of the best box fans that you can get at the present time. This box fan is quiet and it can cool you properly. The good news is that this product is also quietly affordable.

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