How Much are Air Conditioner at Walmart

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Air conditioner is the common household instruments that can make your house or properties are cooler. In Walmart, you can find any types of the air conditioners that you want/ The Air conditioner products at Walmart are varied. You can find many kinds of products of air conditioner with various prices. So, how much are air conditioner at Walmart? Below is the further information about the prices of air conditioner at Walmart based on the types of the AC.

Portable Air Conditioner Prices at Walmart

Portable air conditioner is one of the most popular air conditioner nowadays. This type of air conditioner is vent through the window, easy to move and also perfect for the small spaces or area. How much air conditioner at Walmart especially for this portable air conditioner? There are so many collections of Portable AC at Walmart and they have the interesting prices as well. The cheapest price is $199 and it is for the brand like the Arctic King WPPH-06CR5. You will get the services of free shipping and free pickup as well. If you want to find the more expensive air conditioners you can find the Frigidaire 14,000 BTU that is sold with the price around $599.

Window Air Conditioner Price at Walmart

The first type of the air conditioner is the portable air conditioner. This type of air conditioner is easy to install, affordable and also very ideal for the single room like for your bedroom. The cheaper options for the window air conditioner at Walmart is around $116, $119, $134, $137 and many more. Meanwhile, the premium window air conditioner product is sold with various prices as well such as $599, $629.99 and etc. If we can conclude about how much air conditioner at Walmart especially for the window air conditioner is around $119 – $650.00. There is an interesting feature that you can get on this product in which you can remove this AC in the colder season and install it again at anytime you need it.

Through the Wall Air Conditioner Price at Walmart

This type of air conditioner is permanently installed, so basically it is different with the windows air conditioner. However, the through the wall air conditioner can cool the larger room and it is also perfect for the windowless room. The hot and cold options are also available to choose. However, the price is more expensive than the other types of air conditioner above. The cheaper prices are sold around $379, $379 or more than $300 and the premium products are offered with the more expensive prices around $569, $649, $900 and even more than $1000.
Those are the information about how much air conditioner at Walmart that we can share to you. We hope that you can get the clearer overview about the types of the air conditioner at Walmart and also the prices. This information will make you be able to find the best air conditioner products based on your needs and also based on your budget.