How much is a Portable Air Conditioner?

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How much is a portable air conditioner? Is it the question that you have in your mind? As we know that Portable air conditioner is an alternative use instead of the conventional AC because of some factors such as the size, price, easiness and also the installation. Basically, the portable air conditioner is cheaper, easier to install and it has the smaller size as well. That is why; the portable air conditioner can be the best solution for you who don’t want to use the conventional AC.
Interestingly, the portable air conditioner has the various prices based on some factors such as because of the brands, features and many more. Below is the further explanation.

The Advantages of using the Portable Air Conditioner

Basically, there are some advantages or pros of using the portable air conditioner than the other air conditioner. For the examples are like this air conditioner is easy to move because it has the smaller size than the conventional air conditioner, vents through the window, ideal for small spaces and places such as for your bedroom. It can be a perfect air conditioner to put in your bedroom and many more small spaces at your house. You can find this kind of Air Conditioner from some sources or stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and the other online or offline stores that you trust.

How much is it?

How much is a portable air conditioner will cost you? That is an interesting question and a lot of people are maybe questioning about that right now. Actually, it depends on where you will purchase the item. In this case, we will use Walmart as the source. At Walmart, you can find so many collections of Portable AC and they have the interesting prices as well. The cheapest one so far is offered with the price of $199. The name of the brand is the Arctic King WPPH-06CR5. You will get the services of free shipping and free pickup as well. In addition, the more expensive air conditioners are around $599 such as the Frigidaire 14,000 BTU.
In addition, the other source said that the 5000 BTU window unit of the AC portable is sold with the price around $110 per unit. Meanwhile, the 8000-BTU Frigidaire is sold for $260 on sale at the Best Buy. Yes, it is on sale because the normal cost is around $300. In fact, there are maybe some factors that make a Portable Air Conditioner is more expensive such as about the features, sizes and also the functions.
I hope that the explanation above can answer the question about how much is a portable air conditioner. Actually, this air conditioner is less expensive than the other Air Conditioner such as the windows conditioner and also the through the wall air conditioner. To get the cheaper price, you can shop at the stores that you want, especially when they have the discount program or when at certain special occasion such as on Christmas or New Year event.

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