How to get the window air conditioner accordion panel

How to Clean the Window Air Conditioner Accordion Panel Properly

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The Window air conditioner accordion panel is grouped as the replacement part for the window air conditioner. If that part is broken, you can buy and find them easily in some stores or online shops such as at and etc. For preventing the damage, you can do a simple treatment for the accordion panel, such as by cleaning it properly. However, the question is that how to clean the accordion panel properly? If you have the same question, you need to read the article below.

How to get the window air conditioner accordion panel

First of all, we will share how to get the window air conditioner panel from its place. Usually, the accordion panel is located at the top of the unit. That top part holds the accordion panels in place. You can do this by pulling the panels away from the air conditioner unit until they are able to remove from the top and bottom. For your information, that accordion panels are usually still attached to the sides of the AC unit. That is why; it is better for you to be gentle. Usually, there will be three screws that are located in the top rail to hold the part in its place. You can remove the screws and place the screws in your tray.

Clean the Window Air Conditioner Accordion Panel with the Garden Hose

After finishing with the thing above, now you are ready to clean this window air conditioner accordion panel that is located inside the unit. If you found any molds there, you can use some mild detergents and allow detergent to soak. If the dust is the main problem, the recommended solution is by using the spray to rinse the dust from the evaporator fins and you can use the blower fan too. You can start this action from the bottom of the unit.
Actually, you can clean this window air conditioner accordion panel by yourself of you can ask the help from the professionals to clean the AC unit and all of its parts. There is one more thing that you have to remember. Please ensure for not using the harsh chemicals like bleach. Why? It is because the harsh chemicals like that can cause the damage on the aluminum parts that are used on the air conditioner unit.

Why you have to clean your air conditioner units?

Cleaning the air conditioner unit is so important, included cleaning the window air conditioner accordion panel. First of all the air conditioner has the moisture drains in which it can be the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. This thing can trigger the bad odors and the aggravate allergies. There is also another reason why you have to clean the inner part of the AC unit is that for removing debris that can prevent the moisture drainage.
That is why; it is better to clean your window air conditioner accordion properly and also the whole part of your AC unit to make sure that it will work well.

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